Destiny’s Family Hunt

Hunter: Destiny Palmer
Age: 10
Dec 30 2016

She’s never been much of a hunter, she decided it wasn’t really her thing after going with me at a young age. But when she turned 10 I thought I’d ask her if she would be interested in getting a mentor deer tag like her brother did the year before. She told me no probably not. I knew the answer before I asked, but I just thought I’d ask so she didn’t feel left out. Then out of the blue one night she asked if she could still get a tag. My eyes lit up with joy!

December rolled around, my tags are filled and it’s time to take her out hunting! Then the subzero temps hit. She won’t have any fun if she’s freezing the whole time out there and probably won’t want to go again. So we wait it out, she asks about every other day “when are we going to go hunting?” Finally the opportunity hits, wife and I took a day off work, there’s no school and nice weather. So my wife Jenn, my son Riley, Destiny and myself load up before sunrise and head out.

She has multiple opportunities come day break, but just couldn’t make it happen before they got spooked off. Then about an hour and a half after day break, she gets her chance. She did everything perfect! Waited for a good clean shot and put her first ever round through a high powered rifle right where it was suppose to go. The deer dropped in its tracks, she’s harvested her first ever deer. The instant cheer of “I got it, I got it!”, that came out of her mouth as she shouted to her mom and brother about 40 yds behind us was priceless. And she’s hooked!! I have another hunting buddy for life now. These are the kind is memories we’ll never forget, I’m extremely happy we had the opportunity to take Destiny on her first hunt as a family.

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