Shelon’s First Hunt

Hunter: Shelon Surat
Age: 26
Nov 2015

I had decided to get my first tag after going out for years with my parents. I had gone out on the last evening of deer season after not seeing many and he promised he would put me on one. We spotted him in the middle of the corn along with a ton of others. We pulled up and I got out to take my first shot and missed him completely. Oops! Then my uncle told me to jump back in and we tore off to the other side of his corn and lucky for us the buck stopped just on top of the hill. All I could see was his horns and his neck. It was 200 yard shot, about 100 yards more than the first shot, and I got out, took aim, Bang! I didn’t see where he went and Ill never forget my uncle saying in disbelief, “I think you dropped him!” Best day ever! I was shaking with buck fever after that!

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